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About demri

Hey there! My name's Demri and I'm an editorial, wedding and lifestyle photographer based near Seattle, Washington. Although I'm grateful to call the Pacific Northwest home, traveling the world and experiencing other cultures is what fuels my soul. I began my photographic journey in 2014 and immediately fell in love with documenting the human experience. Since then, I've shot in over 5 countries and counting! However, at the end of the day, you are my why. And your story is what matters most. My hope and greatest joy is that you’ll be able to see your own journey in a whole new way through the imagery we create.

behind the lens

MY philosophy

Investing in imagery is the gift that keeps on giving. A tangible way to follow your foot steps, freeze your moments and share your legacy. I believe in this. And I believe in you. This is about so much more than having pretty photos. Investing in imagery is an experience. One that's rooted in love and guided by connection. Together we'll build a foundation of trust that will transcend into a beautiful, artistic partnership. Because the truth is, I want to be your friend, photographer, confidant, and biggest supporter all wrapped up into one. In terms of technicality, my shooting style takes a

more photo-journalistic approach mixed with creative, editorial elements. But no matter what I’m photographing, my goal is to always keep emotion at the forefront. And although each photograph is a representation of my unique take on art, celebrating and documenting the diversity of each client is what inspires it all. Each interaction, each pose, each click, each edit. All of it is fueled by... you. So I can promise you this. Your photos will be both unique and honest. True to your soul and close to your heart. These are the moments that will last you a lifetime.

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